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Situated in the Souther Suburbs of Cape Town, Reporting Solutions is a small but growing Financial Accounting company.

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Who are we?

Reporting Solutions began in 2014 as an initiative of The Childrens Campaign Trust to provide Schools and Non Profit Organisations with affordable accounting and tax services. We found that business and non-profit organisations were struggling to deal with the changes and challenges of the rapidly evolving economy. We knew we could help to navigate these difficulties.

Our Objective!

Our objective was simple, to provide accounting and tax services so that our clients can focus on their core business and operations. Our clients were more interested in building a relationship of trust as opposed to a simply providing services without meaning.

What’s been happening?

We quickly moved from providing services to Schools and Non Profit Organisations to other industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Restaurants and Consulting Services. Our affordable fees meant we could quickly grow and maintain a client base without charging exorbatant fees. We have provided services in various locations such as Dubai, London and Mauritius and we are looking to continue to broaden our offerings to other locations.

Why use us?

Our team of Qualified Chartered Accountants (SA) and Tax Practitioners ensure that you will always receive professional and accurate services at affordable rates. We pride ourselves on providing services with a human element but with integrated automation to ensure effecientcy is keep high.

Meet Nick!

Nick qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2013 upon completing his articles at Nolands Inc in Cape Town. In early 2014 he joined Reporting Solutions as Managing Director and has remained in this position since. Nick is an avid surfer and enjoys being outdoors when not at Reporting Solutions. Nick is also passionate about protecting our enviroment as well as preventing cruelty against animals.

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